Augusto Micheli Debard's portfolio.

Games and projects


  • Game development: Unity Blender
  • Front end:
  • Back end: C-Sharp C-Sharp , ASP.NET Core (Razor Pages and MVC), RESTful services.
  • Version Control: Git
  • Relational database management: SQL Lite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Entity Framework Core for DB mapping.
  • Cloud:

  • About me

    Since 18 years old I make games with Unity as a hobby, which led me to get further into programming in general.
    I have made a lot of games for gamejams, and I have experience as a freelance game developer.
    I am mostly a self-taught developer, so I'm always eager to learn new technologies.
    I have a general knowledge of both front-end and back-end development, so my skillset doesn't fall short outside of game development.
    I had the opportunity to work in a team multiple times, and I'm always ready to step up if needed.
    I'm a native Spanish speaker, I have excellent English reading/listening skills and my English writing and speaking level is good enough.